Ethically Responsible Ring Companies

In this post you will read about the top five sustainable engagement ring companies. If you have ever wondered, mining for precious gems and metals hurts the environment more than we think. The mines hurt the existing environment and wildlife surrounding it, making it unlivable for anything and anyone. 

A little background before we begin.

Most diamond companies follow the principles of the Kimberley Process (KP). The Kimberley Process is an international certification scheme that regulates trade in rough diamonds. They strive to prevent the trade of conflict diamonds, whilst helping to protect legitimate trade of rough diamonds. To learn more about what the Kimberley Process is click here.

I will talk about companies who use conflict-free diamonds, this refers to conflict diamonds. Conflict diamonds by definition are an uncut diamond mined in an area of armed conflict and traded illicitly to finance the fighting (especially in Africa). These diamonds are also referred to as Blood Diamonds. 

Now, let’s jump in and look at what each company provides and does to reduce their carbon footprint.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is one of my favorite jewelry companies. It doesn’t matter what your budget it, everyone can shop here. A benefit of shopping here is that the diamonds, other gemstones, and metals are recycled and responsibly sourced. Their diamonds go for about $380 to $1M, whereas gemstones go for about $200 to $100K. They sell natural and lab created diamonds and gemstones, which are both beautiful.

Brilliant Earth at Brilliant Earth

The lab created diamonds are identical to natural diamonds. They use technology to provide the same process that natural diamonds use to form. Getting a lab created diamond or gemstone will help reduce mining. The company also recycles diamonds and metals to make sure all product is used and not wasted.

Brilliant Earth practices selecting diamonds from ethical and environmentally responsible origins, this is a practice of Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds, below is a picture of what this practice covers. Not only does Brilliant Earth provide responsibly sourced diamonds, gemstones, and metals, they also have responsibly sourced wood ring boxes that your ring comes in.

Brilliant Earth at Brilliant Earth

To learn more about Brilliant Earth and their steps of responsible sourcing and commitments, feel free to check out their website here.


Ritani sells natural and lab created diamonds and is on the more expensive side. The natural created diamonds range between $93 to $7M, and lab created diamonds range between $100 to $50.7K. Ritani honors ethical standards of working people internationally.

Ritani at Ritani

The rings are conflict-free and are handcrafted in the United States. They only source diamonds and metals from companies that have high ethical standards. They want to make Africa a better place by building legitimate wealth for the people. 

To view more about Ritani and their impact on African nations, click here.


MiaDonna is a 100% conflict free diamonds and gemstones jeweler. They only do lab grown diamonds and gemstones, as well as their very own Diamonds Hybrid simulant. The Diamond Hybrid simulant is the most realistic. How they create this type is by putting a cut crystal core into a chamber of high heat and pressure, similar to normal diamonds, and then infusing lab grown diamond crystals on top of the core.

The lab grown diamonds price between $90 to $56.7K, lab grown gemstones range between$138 to $3.5K, and the Diamond Hybrid simulant range from $70 to 1K.  MiaDonna pledges to only use ethically sourced materials.

MiaDonna at MiaDonna

They also recycle precious metals. The company has a foundation called The Greener Diamond where they give 10% of the net profits to help rebuilt and repair the land and lives that were hurt during the process of conflict-mining. They also work with One Tree Planted, where they plant a tress for every order, this is to help offset the carbon emissions from shipping the product to their customers.

To learn more about MiaDonna and their steps of making the world a better place, click here.


Vrai means true, and they picked the perfect name for themselves, although they do lab created diamonds, they use technology to simulate the process of how natural diamonds are formed. In 2017, they teamed up with  Diamond Foundry, the company who creates these diamonds. They have been a coherent company ever since.

Vrai at Vrai

They only have lab created diamonds which go for $980 to $12K. Their diamonds are lab created because they want to reduce their carbon footprint as much as they can, these diamonds are produced using 100% hydropower. The company states that you can help save the below facts by choosing their diamonds:

250 tons of the earth that is removed to mine a carat of diamond

120 gallons of water used to mine a carat of diamond

143 pounds of carbon dioxide emitted to extract a carat of diamond

Since they only produce and sell lab created diamonds, this cuts out the mining process, gets rid of their carbon footprint. This company helps the environment because they don’t hurt the wildlife, animals, or people around, and they don’t pollute the water systems. Stating by their website, they are the only zero-carbon-footprint producer of diamonds in the world.

To learn more about Vrai and the Diamond Foundry check it out here.

Tiffany & Co. 

Tiffany & Co. is a high-end jeweler, they are one of the most expensive on the list, the diamonds alone cost anywhere from $1K to $95K. However, the price comes from how they source the diamonds. They only acquire these stones from suppliers that are environmentally and socially responsible. At Tiffany, they are also focused on the protection of human rights. They only source diamonds that come from countries that don’t have human rights concerns.

Tiffany & Co. at Tiffany & Co.

Along with all of this, they also responsibly source their metals, gemstones, and other materials. They take pride in everything they do. The company has a lot of things they are doing to help the planet. They have collections to help save animals that are endangered, and started to change their buildings to be sustainable. Along with that, their iconic blue bags and boxes are from responsibly sourced wood and paper, they are doing this to fight against the deforestation on our plant.

To learn more about Tiffany & Co. and their process of sustainability, feel free to visit their website here. To learn a more about their diamond provenance click here.

The difference between a natural diamond and a lab created diamond is that natural diamonds are going to be more unique. Whereas, lab created ones will be more similar to the one next to it. If you only want a natural diamond be sure to check out some of the companies that I provided that do responsible sourcing. By doing this, you can contribute to helping the environment, help provide ethical protection of human rights of those who work in the industry, and help their economies grow. 



All prices provided can change overtime. All prices are based on the diamonds and other gemstones only, it does not include the setting. All prices are based on the 4C’s of diamonds: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight of the diamonds. All of these prices are correct when this post was originally published in September of 2020. 

Post edited September 17th, 2020. Title changed from Responsible Ring Companies.

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